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yes, holiday here too; i'm making sweet potatos in between posts.

deflectometer says L/1101 - good for ceramic

hmm, an undermount would have been the better way to go, but i guess it's too late for that? i got a really good deal on this tub, so i grabbed it when i could.

we have a local company that does custom glass/shower panels, and i was planning to have one cut that followed the contour of the top of the tub and was sealed to it. will that work? the other option is a curtain that hangs inside the tub, but i'd hate the look.

thanks for the explanation on the height; so i basically build the frame higher and use cement to raise the tub up to meet it. that does sounds a lot easier than trying to measure within an 1/8". the tub is 18.5" from floor to the bottom of the lip, so i'll aim for 19.5".

would you use a decoupling membrane on the deck, or just a waterproofing layer?
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