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Hi Sean, welcome. You need to hold up and plan this out. Installing a shower head on a top set tub won't work. On a top set tub, the lip of the tub is several inches higher than the tile deck and the water that hits the tile deck can find it's way to the tub drain.

This is how I build a tile deck for a top set tub. First, set the tub on a flat floor and measure from the floor to the bottom of the tub lip. Lets say it's 18 inches. Build the tub deck so the finished tile ends up about 19 or even 19 1/2 from the floor. Tile the deck level and then staple a layer of poly (or felt paper) and lath on the floor under the tub. Set the tub on top of a bed of cement, mashing it down to the tile deck.
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