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Bathroom rebuild - gonna have some questions

i've spent the last few days reading forums and websites, and i think (i hope) this is right place to be. the people here seem really patient and helpful.

we've been without a master bathroom since we moved in a few years ago because of extensive water damage. recently, i demo'd everything and started the structural work. i've already replaced most of the studs, the sub-floor, and even a few floor joists. where i'm at now is 1 1/8" TinG sub-floor over 16" joists. i've also started building the frame for a drop-in corner tub. but now i get to the point of the project that makes me nervous; i've done some outdoor stone work, but tile is a new horizon.

my plans are 5/16" porcelain tile for the floors and walls with a drop-in tub. i'm going to look into having a custom glass wall fit, and mount a shower head over the tub - i don't have room for a standalone shower.

so here's my initial questions:

1) i'm paranoid about everything being waterproof now, and the schluter stuff looks really nice. unfortunately, the closest retailer is 3+ hours away across a ferry and i hate the delays of working via mail order. is there anything equivalent at mclendon's, lowe's, or home depot?

2) for the tub framing, i am planning to build it up so that the tub drops in and the lip sits on top of the tiled surface - is that acceptable? if so, how do i calculate the wood frame height, subtracting for the thin-set, waterproof/decoupling membrane, etc? i'm not sure how much to add for each layer.

3) for the floor, i've read in some places to put plastic sheeting down under the mortar, to avoid "sucking the water out of the mortar". others don't mention this; is it important? i do plan to put heating wires down if that matters.

4) currently, i have a 1/4"+ step from the bathroom subfloor up to the finished hardwood floor of the bedroom, so i'd like to keep the buildup to a minimum. if my understanding is correct, i'll have heating wires + mortar, then membrane, then mortar, then tile. how bad is that transition going to get?

5) is it correct that i need two kinds of mortar? one between the floor and membrane and a different kind between the membrane and tile?

i really appreciate in advance and help or suggestions. i'm planning to get started this weekend and i think if i can figure these things out, i won't have to bug you guys for awhile. i've attached a few pictures of the current state of the bathroom.

thanks for reading this!
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