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Exclamation 10" Wet Saws, Felker vs. DeWalt?

My tile business has been going very well for me lately and I am now ready to spend a little cash on a professional 10" quality wet saw, but am torn between the Felker and DeWalt. The DeWalt I don't think has been around for more than about five years but I have used one before and liked it, and the Felker has been around for many years now and it has an excellent reputation for being a wonderful, professional wet saw, which I have also used a few times and liked it. So one important thing that I am taking into consideration is the warranties for both of the saws. The Felker has a 2 yr factory warranty and the DeWalt has a 3 yr factory warranty. The other things are weight and noise. The DeWalt is about 75lbs. and the Felker is 115lbs. The DeWalt is a direct drive motor and the Felker is belt driven and would be initially quieter.(Of course until you run a piece of tile through it, in which it would make quite a bit of noise). Lastly, both of the saws are between 900 and 920 dollars so there really isn't a price issue. I would really appreciate any replies from people who know from experience and could give me their opinion on which one is the better choice. Thank you very much, Chris Roberts / Roberts Tile
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