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Transition between tray/drain tray height

Hello all,

Been lurking for literally years and years taking advice and suggestions but now this time I have run into a "problem"? that I can't find the solution to.

I'm working on my basement shower over a slab. I'm using the kerdi system and yesterday installed the tray and drain.

I noticed that there is nearly a 1/4" height difference between where the tray meets the drain flange. I'm not sure why but I'd be willing to bet it was user error.

The question I have now is how do I fix it?

My initial thought was to shave off the sharp edge of the tray and then add a bit of extra thinset around the flange when I install the membrane to make up the difference albeit it will result in a little steeper drop. As you can tell from the pictures I started doing that but then decided I better ask the professionals before I keep trucking on.

Let me know your thoughts.

Thank you everyone!
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