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@Elkski - agreed. Assuming I go with the patch job, I need to remove a few more tiles so I can waterproof the where the bench meets the wall. The inside corner had mesh tape with thinset. There was no visible waterproofing done on top (redguard, membrane etc.). The leak test is still a bit of a mystery to me. My only guess at this point is that they had screws and nails below the curb height. I did notice there was some water in that corner between the 2x4's that the curb was constructed with. So possibly there was water penetration past the liner in that spot.

@Davy - The core of the stuff is foam; with seeing it in person it appears to be very similar to USG Durock UltraLight Foam Backerboard. Which by the way the installation instruction calls for waterproofing the fasteners and corners, obviously not done in my case.

Still need to decide what I need to do here...
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