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If you'll use the Advanced Search feature you'll find a long thread about the USG Durock Shower System from the time it was first introduced. The portion of the thread concerning my contribution of the first such shower on the Internet starts about page four.

But no, I've not used the foam board. USG did a rather poor job of promoting the entire system and it appears an even worse job on promoting and distributing the foam board. I've never even seen the newest version.

Now that USG no longer exists, the shower system, including the foam board, will be re-emerging under another name and will, hopefully, be more readily available across the country.

If you do have access to the foam board, though, and want to use it, it would certainly make you a good shower. But especially for a DIY project, I can't see how the price of the foam board would be justifiable at all. But maybe you don't care about the price?

I would recommend you use the membrane over whatever backing material you're comfortable with. All you really need to buy is the roll of membrane and a drain, both of which are available from Amazon delivered right to your door.

[Edit] Nearest place to you from which I've heard complaints about Versabond is northern Virginia/DC area. And not lately.

My opinion; worth price charged.

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