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There's nothing wrong with a shower built using a vinyl liner. It will function well and last a long time IF it is installed properly. Personally, I prefer one of the more modern methods that puts the waterproofing all on top, right underneath the tile, but it isn't required for a reliable shower. It's just as easy to mess one of those up as a conventional one.

Building a properly functional shower isn't technically hard, but it is very detail oriented...mess up one detail, and it can fail, sometimes quite quickly, and sometimes catastrophically. It all comes down to knowledge and the skill to execute. The tile could look horrible, and still be a properly functional shower. Conversely, it could look perfect, and fail quickly. Most people look at the finished product, but you really want both components done well. IOW, the foundation is critical for proper operation, the surface is nice to look good, but isn't required.
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