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Welcome back, Cheri.

I don't understand this part:
Originally Posted by Cheri
Silicone seal at wall and base before tile install, three walls have mr board over cement board and 4 th wall has vapor barrier behind MR board. Floor is vinyl pan which is MR rated.
By MR board you're talking about some form of gypsum drywall, tinted green or purple or some such? And this drywall is in some places layered on top of a cementitious backer board? And in at least one wall you have only MR board over a polyethylene sheeting covering an insulated exterior stud wall? And he is adhering tile directly to the face of this MR board?

And your "vinyl pan" is what, exactly? I don't understand what sort of shower receptor would be Moisture Resistant rated.

Let's clear some of that up so we can determine just what condition your project is in currently. Some in-progress photos would help a great deal, too. Sounds thus far as though the only thing we could recommend would be to tear out what you've got and have someone competent start over, but perhaps it's all in the translation?

My opinion; worth price charged.

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