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I'm with Jim, you should never combine copper or brass, and galvanized pipe, it will corrode very fast due to electrolysis.

I'm also with Jim on the Delta tub spout fittings. Recently had a customer ask if I could repair a tub spout in another bathroom. I was building a shower for her, and she purposefully bought a tub/shower faucet set in the hopes that the tub spout could be used to repair her tub spout in the other bathroom. I reluctantly said I would try, but warned her that twisting on an old tub spout could easily result in "plumber's nightmare syndrome". I put it off, and put it off, and finally on the last day I was there, I figured I'd tackle it. Twisted off the old spout, good copper with a long stub out, cut the pipe, soldered on the Delta fitting, screwed on the new tub spout. Easy peezy, about a 15 minute job. Dodged the bullet, for once.
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