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Looking for advice regarding shower pan leak

Hello there

Got a bit of a problem, looking for some advice on next steps.

House is 10 years old. We moved in 4 months ago. A couple of days back, we noticed a fair amount of water seeping between floor and wall tile. Using spray wand I sprayed in 3 locations, water is only seeping when spraying directly in the corner. Took no more than a couple of minutes of direct spray to notice seepage. A bit surprising to me is that during the test, water did not splash on top of the curb, the water was constrained below the curb, implying that the barrier below is shot?

Anyhow, for now we have obviously stopped using the shower. Next step I am planning on this weekend is removal of the 2 exterior tiles on the curb and shower bench where the seepage is to see what's going on back there. Depending on amount of damage discovered, continue to demo tile until I get to clean lumber. It feels like I am staring down the barrel of a shower pan and shower bench demo and redo.

The shower is on second floor, no visible drywall damage below. Shower bench is flat with the exception of a slight slope on the 6 inch curb tile. I wished the bench was properly sloped all the way vs the last 6 inches. Our 2 year old, loves spraying water with the wand all over the place, which is another way of saying, there is a fair amount of water that has been hitting that general area. I am planning on having a pro do the work but I want to do the demo myself so I know what's going on and get going on potential mold remediation. I have done a couple of showers before including mudpan and put down travertine; I doubt I can achieve the results and not confident that I'd be able to get proper waterproofing with the bench and be able to tie it all in with the rest of the bathroom. There is a fair amount of travertine used throughout.

1) Is there anything else I should be doing/thinking about in terms of next steps for this? Is there a scenario that doesn't involve demo?
2) Is there general consensus on whether it's a good idea to only replace shower pan and first row of tiles vs whole shower redo? Related to this, is there a reliable way to achieve waterproofing on the wall?
3) I'll know more once I get demo, but would love any ideas on what could the problem here? What should I be looking for?

Appreciate your feedback.

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