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I would personally not caulk that joint at all, Paul, nor would I apply the direct bonded waterproofing membrane to the bottom edge of the wallboard as shown in your drawing (a very nice drawing, by the way). I would be in favor of stopping the wallboard about 1/4" above the horizontal portion of the tub and leaving it as is. If you get water deeper than that remaining in that area of the tub, you have a tub problem. If you do not have that much water pooling there, you'll have no wicking problem. And should you gather any moisture in the rest of your wallboard, gravity will eventually take it to that gap if it hasn't already evaporated before that.

You will, per tile industry standards, have a bead of flexible sealant between the bottom of your wall tile and the tub, although I take issue with that and would want at least to leave some weep holes in that sealant installation. But that is:

My opinion; worth price charged.

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