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Thanks for the input...calling in the tile guy beforehand is probably a good idea.

cx...maybe i will rethink the midspan beam. My main concerns are 1) limiting the already limited crawlspace access after the beam is in place 2) dodging new duct work and a couple of sets of water lines running parallel to the joists & 3) more of a "red flag" to a home inspector when it's time to sell

To me, sistering might be seen more as simple floor reinforcement for added tile weight whereas homemade girders and screw jacks might be seen more as a repair for a sagging floor....but maybe that's just me.

Seen what? Sistering joists? If you'll look about the site just a tiny bit you'll see that we recommend it several times a day, on average. Very common way to bring insufficient joist structures up to par.
I was wondering specifically about sistering to level from the top instead of jacking below and sistering as reinforcement

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