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Marble backsplash sealing question

I've read for a couple hours and I still don't really understand. I have 3 x 6 marble subway tiles on my backsplash... I was told to seal before grouting and then again after.

There are so many sealers, it's overwhelming.

For convenience, I'd like to stick to the big box sealers so my choices are:

Aqua Mix Enrich 'N' Seal Penetrating Sealer
Miracle Sealants Tile, Stone and Grout Sealer
Miracle Sealants 511 Impregnator

I've seen all these mentioned on the forums but I can't get a good understanding of the miracle tile stone and grout sealer vs the 511 impregnator... it seems like the same thing?

Also the enrich 'n' seal has a lot of positive reviews here. How is that going to change the look of the marble tile? It's going to bring the veins out? Is that a more dramatic effect then the others?

My wife is a messy cook and this is up against the stove so I want to go with something that is going to protect!

Also, how many coats of seal before grouting?

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