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Ghosts in my glass shower tile

A few years ago I refinished the master including this glass tile throughout the shower and tub area. A few weeks later I noticed this “ghosting” coming through the back of the tiles located near the lower part of the shower. I used a waterproof backer board and a Mapei tile adhesive and of course, I sealed the grout. Did I use the wrong mastic? Maybe I didn’t completely butter the backs of the tiles that are now showing the fogging? I don’t think it’s moisture since I have let it sit for up to two weeks ( I live in a very dry climate in Colorado) and it doesn’t go away. In fact it’s only gotten worse. I’m gonna have to tear out part of the tile and backer and don’t want to make the same mistake again! Any ideas as to what caused this? I’ve read it may be the adhesive eating through the white finish the maker of the glass tile puts on the back of the tile, but as I said, most of the tile looks great. Thanks.
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