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Ged, were it me I imagine I'd not push range against wall. Notching tile would be my last resort as it gives Murphy the upper hand should the range need to be replaced. Indeed, it's at least part of the reason we don't see drop in ranges of yesteryear. I can't tell you how many cabinets/countertops I've modified to fit replacement appliances, so perhaps I'm gun-shy. Does the range manufacturer require clearances there? Their installation instructions typically mention such things.

Have you actually tried it? Sometimes there's stuff hanging off the back of range that would prevent it. If so, when pushed back, does it expose adjacent cabinetry in a weird way at the front vertical surface?

I think I'd approach with the bridge idea. Looks like countertops would be hard thing to match so I'd look for durable contrasting insert of some kind. Maybe brake a u shaped piece of stainless, backed up by lumber and flushed with surrounding countertop. Install backsplash as usual.

And FWIW, silicone caulk on the countertop to range junction would be entirely out of bounds for me. I'll admit prejudice, though.

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