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Hi, Ged.

I don’t like the options where a movable horizontal stove top meets the vertical wall. Because that joint is movable, you can’t caulk it. It will always be a joint with a crack in it to collect dirt.

I’d make a correction to the countertop to allow the stove to be installed in the manner that it was designed. I realize you said space was tight, but we are only talking about an inch here. I would add a cleat to the wall to allow a narrow strip of Corian, granite, or quartz to be installed on it to join the two countertops. Visit your local slab countertop shop and purchase a 1.5”x30” (or whatever the exact size is) of that material and caulk it into place with matching silicone or colored Akemi epoxy. While that material won’t match perfectly, I think it’s less noticeable than the other methods you’ve described.

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