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Kenny's second bathroom remodel-back from hiatus

It has been a long time, and I don't recall my prior username, but when I GC'd my last house build in 2007-8 used this forum, read john's kerdi book, and tackled all of my own tile work including a travertine master bath that I loved.

Fast forward 13 years, new wife and new house :-), and we are updating our master bath which will not be as elaborate, but getting excited about another bathroom project.

We are converting a tub/shower combo to a larger walk in shower with a straight frameless glass shower door that I may even tackle myself when the time comes.

I used the Schluter system in my last huge walk in shower on the second floor of my last home, and feel confident in it and not a lick of problems with it in 12 years. So planning to utilize the complete kerdi kit with offset drain, add a kerdi bench, and extend the pan with deck mud maybe an additional 6 inches. I am also installing a handheld shower on the wall, and a 16 inch rain shower head in the ceiling. I feel good about using the kerdi kit and system from my prior dealings and refreshing my knowledge on youtube.

But we are planning on installing 12 x 24 porcelain marble look matt tiles in the shower wall bricked or offset depending on how flat they are, and bathroom floor, mosaic accent strip on wall and in the 2 schluter niche's, 2 x 2 porcelain in a similar marble look on the shower floor, in addition to new vanity and all that stuff. I plan on using Schluter all set for the kerdi and large tile, in the shower, and maybe another thinset for large tiles on the bathroom floor, all set is readily available locally if that is a good choice.

The one item that is wearing me down is what grout to use. I would like to use something more stain resistant in the shower or possibly in the entire bathroom since walls and floor are only going to be around 280 square feet total. I have laid a couple thousand square feet of tile so far, and have gotten pretty decent at grouting with normal stuff, but never used epoxy before. The local store was pushing Mapei ultra color plus FA as an upgrade in the shower or just the shower floor, but reading a lot of issues with it being difficult to work with. I am planning on using a light to medium grey grout, and swore I would never use anything pre-mixed, but with the new advancements in the last 10 years I am thinking hard about the new Spectralock 1 in the shower or entire room unless someone can talk me out of it? I have not been sold on the other newer pre-mixes for showers with issues I have been hearing. I would like to avoid standard grout and sealing, if I can find a suitable option that is not terrible to install, and more stain resistant. I am even open to epoxy if that is the best option for maybe just the shower or just shower floor? I am just outside of the Charlotte NC area, so fairly decent access to products.

I know Spectralock 1 is pretty new, but is there anything else I should consider that is going to hold up well in a shower that would offer more benefits and not a bear to apply since I will be working by myself most likely?

Added a pic of my last bathroom I DIY'd that I loved. Not bad for my first tile bathroom ever I dont think. I am also a OCD pre-planner and detail oriented, thus why the hours of researching grout choices now is frying my brain.
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