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Demo done

Now that all the tear out is done (except for the floor - I'm using it to stand on right now), the framing and plumbing vents work (in walls and up) is under way.
The house was built with a brick fireplace pretty much smack in the middle of the house (maybe 65/35) and the bathroom sits halfway on that dividing line. The reason I bring this up is the main part of the house, the joists run widthwise. On the lesser part of the house, they run lengthwise (well actually widthwise to the dimensions of that part of the house, but perpendicular to the other part). The junction under the subfloor is just about where I need to put the drain and is causing a small shift on where I can place the shower.
Two questions:
1 - If I shorten the presloped Schluter pan 4", I can get the Kerdi drain tail piece to just miss the joist. Is it OK to add an additional layer of 3/4" plywood to the shower pan area? This would put the shower floor a bit higher than the rest of the room (that's fine with me), and I could make the larger hole in the plywood and taper it down to where it gets to the joist level with the PVC pipe flange just missing the joist. I'm assuming it has a hub connection.
2 - On shortening the pan the widthwise edge will be lower toward the center than the edges. If its a 1/4" per foot slope, it would be 1/12" difference, which I probably wouldn't notice, or I could go with a rondec inside edge that would make it even less noticeable. If it's more that that, could I taper up the thinset (either above the membrane, or below), to increase the slope locally over 6" or so?
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