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Todd Groettum
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Hows your sill plate ( if its main floor outside wall??

I love schluter products but not overly fond of the pans and that entire system....Its expensive and complicated for a first timer IMHO...

There is more than one way to skin a cat so to speak...the hard way the easy way and the way easier way....they all work with the right advice and a little attention to detail...

Alot of the boys here r fond of the schluter shower system...Pro's who use it alot seem to have Much better success....

Laticrete Hydroban is far easier for a DIY guy and it is a tremendous product.

If corners concern you ( and corners on your curb will and i stress will be an issue for the inexperienced) Look into Laticretes Hydroban....

My Opinion....But I am Retired so what the heck do I know

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