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Part 2 questions

Now for some “tile and after” questions…
1 - I’d like to use a glass sliding shower door, like the Vigo Elan series. It looks like the fixed panel uses brackets screwed into the curb. I read that that’s not a good long term idea. Silicone gooped into the mounting holes enough? Other thoughts? Epoxy? What kind? I’m not envisioning epoxy holding glazed tile to smooth metal very well. I picture bending over in the shower, hitting my fat bottom against the glass and the whole thing comes tumbling down.
2 – still on the glass mounting: If there’s a gentle inward slope of the top of the curb, wouldn’t the bracket be tilted inward a bit? Would that cause the galss to be constantly torqued just a bit, leading to stress (and eventual shatter)?
3 - I haven’t picked out tile yet, but I suspect it will not have a bullnose option and I’m not up to making my own (some of what you guy do here is incredible!). I am thinking of going with rondec. Does the cavity under the curl of the rondec get filled with thinset to keep it from deforming if kicked or stepped on, or it it solid enough to take abuse with just setting it along with the tile? Does the anodized finish wear down over time and use?

Thanks to all. I’m sure I’ll have more questions as things progress. The demo and reframing is going the biggest and least fun of the project. Knowing my time schedule, I shooting for an Easter-ish completion date. I’ll post pics are interesting stuff comes up. Not quite 100% sure what’s behind the walls and such.
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