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Steam Shower - Vapor Proof Light

I am in the process of building a Steam Shower. I need to find a suitable wet service Vapor Proof light that I can install in the sloped ceiling. I used 2" in 12" for the slope. The light will be on a GFCI breaker.

I have not been able to find anything that looks good that doesn't cost less than about $300 that is rated for wet service and is Vapor Proof.... I can find some exceptionally ugly wall mounts for less than $300 but I don't want to use them for this project.

I want to use a surface mount, recessed style light(s).

The inspector says that he will only approve wet service and vapor proof fixtures in this application so no silicone caulk and pray.

Any suggestions on what to use where to find it and maybe just as importantly, what not to use?
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