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Originally Posted by Mark
Is it possible to just silicone the clamp to the curb?
I've done that before with success. Depends on how much surface area you have to work with on the clamp, and the surface of the tile.

I'd clean the tile with rubbing alcohol, let it dry a few minutes, then apply the silicone and clamp. I like GE 100% silicone II. Use masking tape to hold it in place. I'd let it dry for a day at least, then see how it does. It should feel pretty solid. If it doesn't, I'd go the other route.

Keep in mind that the weight of the glass will hold it down, so it would take a shear lateral force to break it loose, i.e. someone pushing on the glass with a good amount of force.

Someone else might have a recommendation for an epoxy adhesive that would hold better than silicone. Just make sure you have the placement exactly where you want it before the epoxy sets. You'd likely damage the tile before you could get the clamp loose.

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