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Exterior harscape walls with tile finish.

I am working on a remodel of a bank branch in Oakland. We primarily work on the interior of buildings, and do not get a lot of experience on exterior work. I attached a rendering of the exterior hardscape that is proposed. The tile is a porcelain tile that emulates corten steel. It is graffiti proof more or less, so that is why we are using the tile as opposed to actual steel.

Currently the idea is to use poured in place concrete for the walkways, stairs and wall construction. The walls would then be clad in the tile.

I am hoping to get some recommendations on how the tile should be installed. What is the correct way to add some notes or specs to get more or less a performance specification. References to industry standards, etc.

Notes regarding expansion joints, that sort of thing.

Where the tile walls come down and meet the concrete sidewalk would it be best to have a schluter profile kinda like a stucco screed? or scribe the tile to the walkway without the schluter profile? The stair treads concern me.

Any construction details that you can share would be appreciated.

The planters have been eliminated, no landscaping will be incorporated into the walls.
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