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Floor level/transition nightmare

I am remodeling two bathrooms in the same house at the same time and we got through the first one successfully but have run into a problem on the second with the floor. I have a tile pro here now to install the tile and he just pointed out to me that the floor that someone else installed will be lower than the other rooms that connect to the bathroom. (there are 2 separate doors going in to the bathroom from different rooms) At one door it will be about 1/2" lower with the tile installed and at the other door it will be about 7/8" lower with the tile. The subfloor and durock are already installed. (1st lesson learned, next time I will have the guy doing the tile install the subfloor, too!) The tile guy says the best solution he can think of is to use either floor leveler or something called Jipcrete (sp?) to level out the entire bathroom floor. It would either be that or else we would have to rip out all of the durock and subfloor and somehow re-shim under the subflooring to get a floor that is both level and at the correct height to transition into the other rooms. Just wondering what you would do in this situation?
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