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I did a shower just a few weeks ago, where I screwed up time in framing my niche. I made it a 1/2" to short vertically for the design of the shower/layout of the shower. I ended up picture framing the bullnose and making a custom deco stip for the customer. I continued the diagonal of the deco through to the back and not on the sides and was not pleased at all with the way it turned out. They really loved it and thought I went above and beyond, but I don't think it looks right. I don't have any other pics as the job is not done yet I finished to the ceiling, and grouted but have to wait for the glass to go back and put on the bullnose. All they originally wanted was a 2 row strip of the 2x2 squares which are used on the shower floor. Like I said I screwed up when framing my niche and would have left me 5/16" - 3/8" grout joint above niche. So I used the bath floor tile for the big white diamonds. I couldn't make it wrap right into the niche so continued it through on the main walls, and put a slightly bigger piece on the back of the niche. You can't tell from pic but on inside corner of shower that piece wraps then next to it I have a tiny triangle that would flow to piece on other side of niche. The niche side walls are what makes this one look bad.
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