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Tile, either ceramic or natural stone, should not be installed over vinal. Also, stone needs a twice as stiff subfloor as ceramic tile does to survive. So, you'll need to remove the vinal flooring and probably the luan plywood usually installed under it first. Then, you need to determine the joist spacing, subfloor thickness and type, and longest unsupported joist length. Check out the Deflecto link above to help determine the suitability of your subflooring for granite.

I've only worked with a couple of different granites and they do not warp (although they could be cut poorly when you buy them). Some marbles warp, and maybe some other stones, but granite typically doesn't. Some granites are more prone to cracking or crystals popping out, but usually, those exhibiting that are usually culled out at the manufacturing location assuming you buy prime quality tile (not seconds). Not sure what HD sells. Make sure all of the cases are from the same lot, or you may have bigger differences in coloration and veining than you want.
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