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It's not that hard to notch with a chisel while the 2x4's are installed, you just have to rough it out. Another option is to shim the walls with 1/4 inch thick strips of wood, like lattice, after you install the pan liner. The shimming method only works on walls that end in the shower, not on walls that would continue out and have to be flush with drywall.

You would do the preslope first, then install the pan liner. After leak test (when you plug the drain and fill with water over night), you install the vapor barrier (6 mil. poly) on the studs overlapping the pan liner. Next is the cbu's over the poly vapor barrier, and down over the pan liner. Leave a 1/4 inch space between the cbu and the pan liner, you can use a wood shim to hold it up when you screw the board (be careful not to screw into the liner at the bottom of the cbu's. After the cbu's are installed, you can do the final mud bed.
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