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Thanks for the feedback guys.

Location-wise, I'm 20 miles north of Boston. I've been here just over 20 years. I remember when I first saw the house I noticed how solid the floors felt. Since I haven't removed the vinyl floor in the kitchen to do the tile work, the best I can to do for a picture is an area where the kitchen and dining room meet. This shows the existing kitchen floor. I think it's 5/8" ply with some kind of vinyl tile on top, then the sheet of vinyl on top of that.

I don't think the joists are spaced 48". I believe they are also 2x10 (vertical this time :-) but have to do a bit of demolition to check that.

If I went with 1/2" ply, the kitchen floor would be around 1/4" higher than the dining room floor. Is that a reasonable height difference? If so, would I grout the floor and then caulk between the tiles that abut the hardwood?
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