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How large is this splash pad?

If you're doing the specifying, you'll want to have a copy of the "ANSI A108, A118, and A136" book at hand. But mostly you'd want your installer to be very familiar with that publication. I'm not a writer of specifications, but you might wanna point out that materials and methods used meet particular specifications in there.

The TCNA Handbook has a particular Method for installation of ceramic tile over "On-Ground Concrete," which would likely cover your application. That would include references to some of the ANSI standard I mentioned.

That Method presumes you know how the site was prepared for the concrete, what drainage consideration was made, how it was reinforced, how long it has cured, what finish was put on it and such. That would, to some extent determine whether you want to use a membrane of some sort.

Not likely you have much of a freeze/thaw problem on the ground in Miami, but I haven't lived in Florida for nearly 50 years. Maybe winter has moved south?

Are you liable if any of the little darlings bust any of their posterior regions whilst playing on your intentionally wet tile installation?

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