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Originally Posted by CX
1. We are talking about the section on the left in the photos in post #177? Where we already see plywood?
Not 177, I already made the executive decision on that one...
I was referring to the ply in 178:
you'll notice how one sheet of ply is just shy of the required width for the area. Just thinking where to rip the piece to make room for another piece next to it. Make one 18" or so and the other 31.5 or so? Wanted to ask before I shorten it too much and ruin the full sheet's width. Who is the darn architect that designed this? Kidding, the width of the shower is like that on purpose so that the window is centered between the wall and the shower's glass enclosure.

Originally Posted by CX
Do you have a Bucket Mortar Mixer?
Thanks for the link. I have a mini version of it
I also have a mortar hoe, a large concrete mixing tub, and whole lot of empty buckets (worn out of course for good posture).

Originally Posted by CX
You certainly can fill that plumbing channel beforehand if you want, and it'll be a little tedious and pre-filling will be a good idea.
Yes, that's the plan.

Originally Posted by CX
you'll be well rested from having carried all those buckets up all those stairs
haha, all the carrying will be well in advance with plenty of time to recover (or not). With the copper pipes all done I have multiple working valves in the bathroom so at least I only need to bring up the dry materials.

Originally Posted by CX
I haven't done one for some years, but I was over 70 the last time I did one that size
I don't know how you guys do it, at this point I am merely hoping to make it to 70...

Thanks for all the tips. Will do. It is those tips that make all the difference..
Much like this project, my posts are still under construction
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