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1. We are talking about the section on the left in the photos in post #177? Where we already see plywood? Or am I still hopelessly confused?

2(1). No, you don't wanna do that.

2(2). Do you have a Bucket Mortar Mixer?

Do you have a helper?

You can pre-mix all your dry ingedients beforehand. The moment you introduce water, though, the clock starts on the cement hydration. You usually can get more than 30 minutes, depending upon the ambient conditions, but it's good to pace yourself not to rely on that. With that ever so handy bucket mixer, you can have all your dry mortar staged in buckets outside the work area, ready for water to be added from a pre-measured container. Takes less than 2 minutes of mixing to have a new bucket ready to pour in the shower and start placing, packing, and shaping. You can start in a far corner, having already marked your level line, or whatever line you need, on the walls, and just keep mixing and placing. You'll be well rested from having carried all those buckets up all those stairs, because once you start adding water you want to continue until you're finished. You can do a shower that size alone if you plan well and work steadily. You needn't hurry, you just need to work steadily. I haven't done one for some years, but I was over 70 the last time I did one that size.

If you don't have the bucket mixer, I strongly recommend a helper to do the mixing. Nice to have a helper even with the mixer, but you can get by without one.

You certainly can fill that plumbing channel beforehand if you want, and it'll be a little tedious and pre-filling will be a good idea.

My opinion; worth price charged.

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