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Thx CX. Its funny that I take pride in your feedback / compliments more than any feedback I get in my real professional work...

Originally Posted by CX
Not sure just how you plan to do the KerdiBanding and RedGarding, but the real issue is in not being able to bond anything effectively to the PVC liner material to create a continuous waterproofing layer.
It was going to be between the redgard and deck mud not the liner itself. Not to worry, when i get to that stage I'll post pics of what I am proposing.

With that behind us, two practical questions.

1. Any recommendations how to split the difference in the BC ply for the 3rd structure's flooring and the required 49.5" width? The ply has to be perpendicular to the joists and is obviously only 48" wide.
Make one piece 18" for example and the other 31.5"? Then for the second flooring layer alternate the 18" and 31.5" pieces? That would leave 13.5" of overlap between the two flooring layers. There is probably a rule or a best practice I am not aware of (e.g. make the smaller piece 25% or 30% of the overall length?).

2. The mud bed is fairly large (4' x 5.5)'. Even more, once you mix the mud, you only have 30 or so minutes to set it in place. I am sure it is better if you do the bed in one shot, but out of curiosity,
1. I am assuming you don't want to break the process into multiple days
2. Can you stop to at least mix new batches of mud or do you have to mix the entire volume you need at once?

Many thanks for the help
Much like this project, my posts are still under construction
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