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Originally Posted by Dan
This is really key for me to understand. Why would it get wet?
Well, aside from the water getting out with the people, which is somewhat controllable, I see no effective way to terminate that waterproof liner as you have it in your drawing. Will all the water under the glass go back into the shower? Maybe, but I wouldn't count on that floor, the CBU and plywood, not seeing some long-term moisture. Maybe it won't, but I'd not be too comfortable about it.

We do that, or usta do that, with showers recessed into SOG concrete, but even then I'd run the liner six inches or so out from the recessed area. Did any water ever get out there? I honestly can't say, cause if it did there was nothing but concrete and mortar for it to find. In your case, you're not likely to damage anything holding up the house, but you're put a hellofalot of work into that floor structure you have and I'd hate to see it damaged. We may be talking 20 years, but you still don't wanna hafta repair it. Ever.

That's my thinking on it. And it seems almost reckless, given that use of a direct bonded waterproofing membrane would have made your construction much easier, allowed you to extend your subfloor over the drain line, allowed for waterproofing outside the shower, and generally made things simpler and also easier. Schlepping much less deck mud and CBU, etc. But if that ship has sailed, so be it. I'll try not to nag further. What you're doing may work fine. I'll worry about the floor just outside the shower, but I'll get over it by and by.

1,2. Not sure what problem you're trying to fix there, Dan.

My opinion; worth price charged.

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