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Welcome, Everitt.

You must have a vapor barrier in any steam shower. These days referred to as vappor retarders, but you still gotta have one. The current tile industry standards call for a barrier with a perm rating of less than 0.5 for a continuous use steam shower. Your RedGard claims to provide that, so you're OK there, but like Jim above I'd prefer to see a sheet membrane. My current choice would be USG's Durock Shower System membrane. Much thinner and easier to work with than the NobleSeal for my money. The roofing felt behind your mud should be sufficiently permeable not to cause you any serious grief.

While your proposed ventilation system might not hurt much, I'd recommend ensuring that you have as much insulation as possible in those shower walls and ceiling to keep the inside/outside temperature differential at a minimum in order to also keep the vapor drive at a minimum.

You're planning also to mud your ceiling? You plan to have the required minimum 2" per foot slope there?

My opinion; worth price charged.

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