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Thanks guys! I actually like the sanded look with subway. It looks more "authentic" to me but its just preference.

One more question!

Should I use Latisil Silicone in the corners and at tub or should I use their siliconized acrylic sanded grout? I see a lot of people say they used "silicone" but I'm not sure if they mean that literally or if they are using the matching sanded caulk.


edit- GEEZZZEEE.... I just watched "Home RenoVision DIY" on how to apply epoxy grout. What a hack! I hope the 30K people that watched that don't follow his advice. Ouch

Cracked grout with moving tiles? No problem! Epoxy grout it all together!
Leaky shower floor? No problem! Epoxy grout makes a floor waterproof!
Oh yeah, and lets poor a freaking bottle of dish soap on the floor before putting the epoxy down so its easier to clean.... I feel like this guy is going to cause a lot of people problems down the road or make a lot of people hate professionals...haha. I can see it now.. "My contractor tried to rip me off! He told me I should completely remove and replace my leaking shower floor and THEN he told me we had to rip out and replace all those squeaking/moving tiles in kitchen. The "pro" on Home Renovision said $100 of grout will fix it all. That tile guy was trying to rip me off!"

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