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Qs for pros- spectralock vs grout bullnose, how to transition wood to this tile

Hey guys! Few questions for the pros

1. I am using spectralock pro epoxy grout on a 3x6 subway tile shower surround, over hardibacker/Redguard. I know some people even use spectralock in corners but I'm not that brave. Can I get away with using spectralock on the front (most visible) edge of the tiny 3/4" bull nose pieces and then caulk the flat portion? For example, I have a window and shower niche with the small bullnose pieces. Can I epoxy grout the parts on same plane as shower walls and then caulk the recessed side or do both sides of the tiny bullnose pieces need to be caulked?

2. Spectralock pro is sanded but the matching sanded caulk says for 1/8" and up. I'm using the New Olean subways that have the built in spacers for 1/16" lines. Can I just force sanded caulk in the change of plane lines or do I need to use their unsanded caulking? That might look odd.

3. How would you transition 1950s hardwood 1 1/2 oak to the below half octagon black/white tile?

The bathroom (tile side) is going to be 3/8" of an inch higher than the wood floor (already did everything to minimize height including using ditra) and the door opens inward (IE: not much room to transition, but also not a very high transition).
Thanks in advance!
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