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Well, I managed to get the old tile surround out. The rotary hammer actually did a nice job getting everything out. All in all, everything behind the tile appears to be in good shape. I see no evidence of water damage on the studs, which is actually surprising to me, considering it was almost 30 years old.

Next up is getting the old tub out and getting a new on installed.

On a side note, we are thinking about pulling up all the baseboards and running tile along the wall throughout the bathroom and up around the new vanity to serve as a back-splash. Given that our walls are currently textured and painted, can tile be set directly to that surface, or does it need to be bare drywall? Also, when it comes to tiling around the vanity (this is a kids bathroom and water will undoubtedly get splashed on the tile), should I be doing something different that attaching tile to drywall in this area?

Thanks. Just trying to think through everything we might want to do and see what it is going to involve.
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