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Eric, it'll help if you'll keep all your project questions on one thread so folks can see what you're working on and what's been previously asked and answered.

Lot of questions with not much background, I'm afraid. A photo or two would certainly help give us some perspective on the project.

You understand that there is no 1/2" Hardiebacker? There is Hardiebacker 500, which is closer to 7/16ths" thick and presents some challenges when matching up with adjacent drywall when applicable.

You can use any size tile you like in your shower, of course. How agonizing the 12"x24" tiles will be for you I cannot say, but you will need to pay very close attention to making the walls very flat for tiles that size.

The grout joint width will depend mostly upon the size variation of your tiles and I trust we don't yet know that.

Grout type will also depend upon grout joint width and tile surface.

Can't address your trim questions without knowing more about your tile and aesthetic preferences. You most certainly want your CBU and waterproofing membrane and tile to extend a few inches past the front of that shower receptor I took the liberty of linking in your post. The waterproofing of the shower is far more important than the aesthetic considerations and you want to get that part right.

You can cut and drill and grind Hardiebacker outdoors using most any carbide tipped or diamond tools so long as you wear the appropriate PPE. It's really, really dusty to do that indoors.

Let's start with that and see where it takes us.

My opinion; worth price charged.


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