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I'm an avid, decent, DIYer. I have finished my basement entirely by myself and just have the bathroom left. I have a Mustee 3060l shower pan and will be tiling the walls. The alcove framed out in the bathroom is exactly 36"x60" and is a perfect fit for the pan. I'd like to put my own personal touches on the bathroom, as the wife has had the say for the rest of the basement. I have several questions, but I'll just start with some simple ones and I'd love feedback. I will be using 1/2" Hardiebacker (I know it's not everyone's favorite but it's what I already have sooo...). I have done some tiling in the past, but never a shower. We are looking at getting 12x24 tiles. Would this be OK and not too difficult or agonizing to install myself? 1/8" grout line recommended? Sanded vs Un-sanded? The Hardiebacker will obviously butt up to regular drywall, am I best off using tile trim for the outside walls? Would the tile extending the full 36" be an issue? Just a few inches past the door, but the entire alcove wall. Do I bring the trim right up to the outside corner? How about on the back wall? Should the trim be on the edge of the Hardiebacker or is on the joint ok? What's the best tool for cutting Hardieboard for the piping, niche, etc? Sorry! A lot of questions rattled off, but as usual when it comes to a challenging project, my head is spinning! TIA so much!

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