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Welcome, Eric.

We recommend, rather strongly in fact, that you always read and follow the product manufacturers' recommendations and instructions for the products you use.

James Hardie has recommendations in his online instructions to answer your questions, but you hafta skip around a bit (his instructions have never been among his best products). You'll find the recommendation for the gap at the wall/receptor junction, but the between-panel gap is found only in the counter-top and floor instructions.

I personally recommend you not caulk the gap between wallboard and receptor, but see my warranty information below.

I would not recommend you install the Hardiebacker on the ceiling and James Hardie publishes no instructions for that application that I'm aware of.

Well, truth be known, I wouldn't use the Hardiebacker in a shower application at all, but that's a different discussion.

My opinion; worth price charged.

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