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The deflecto-thingie doesn't handle trusses, so you should locate the manufacturer and give them a call. I do have some information that suggests that if your trusses are indeed 24 inches tall, then a 21 foot span is OK for ceramic tile (including porcelain). I don't know about stone.

You didn't say anything about spacing, so I assumed 24 inches to be sure. However, if the spacing is greater than 16 inches, then you need to use a membrane on the floor instead of backerboard. If the OSB is older than, say, 5 years, I think you would want to install 3/8" plywood over the OSB, then the membrane.

Listen to Steven about the tile size. Nothing I said about floor prep will correct an un-flat floor. Bigger tiles need a dead flat floor, or you will struggle with lippage all the way.

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