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Can't see the paper membrane you mentioned but I have seen a version of "paper" membrane here in my part of Tejas. It's more like a underlayment for vinyl..

Anyway, one reason for the hollow tiles could be general slab movement - not just at the tenting area.

I had a very similar case a few years back where almost 100 sq ft had sheared from the slab- clean as a whistle. The was a small area just like yours where the tiles actually tented.

Common practice in my area is to grout tight to the baseboards/ cabinets. It's not right but that's how they do it.

Sorry to say there is no easy fix for your floor. You can try to put those tiles back but odds aer they will be too big - since that area has "shrunk". The other areas of your floor will continue to float and are more susceptible to breaking if a point load is applied ( like moving a refrigerator)

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