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Sealing around window

Hi Everyone,
This is my first post although I’ve been reading your advice for years! I am not a professional tiler, but I have done maybe 10 jobs of varying complexity. This is the third shower I’ve done and the second one using Kerdi products. This glass block window is low in the shower and I want to make sure that I seal it well. There are two issues.
One is the bottom of the window where the Kerdi membrane is on top of the Kerdiboard that forms the base for the windowsill.
I adhered it to the Kerdiboard using Kerdifix but it wasn’t a complete smear of Kerdifix. As you can see it was just a zigzag. It’s also completely sealed where it meets the window and at the vertical edge of the sill. I wish it was a complete attachment to the Kerdiboard but I really don’t want to rip it off and do it over. What do you think about the way it is now?
The second question is sealing between the plastic frame of the window and the glass blocks themselves. The plastic is straight and the glass blocks are wavy. I think I’m going to have to put a bead of silicone all along here to prevent water from getting in between the blocks and the plastic. I’m not sure if that would be very easy to do and I’m not sure it would look very good either. I’m wondering if I could just very carefully cut that edge of the plastic off and then I would be sealing to the part of the glass blocks that are straight and not wavy.
Here are some photos. Thanks!!
Sorry! I don’t know why the photos were flipped sideways!
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