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Welcome, Dani.

You've got some problems there. Tell your SO his objections are overruled.

If your contractor intends to use a direct bonded waterproofing system, everything he has currently installed should be removed, including the drain.

You should have had a code compliance inspection of the waterproofing membrane installed for the traditional shower receptor. That membrane is part of the plumbing system and is required to be sloped a minimum of 1/4" per foot from the farthest corner of the shower footprint to the drain. That is mandatory for code compliance even if you happen to have a compliance official who doesn't know it, which is not uncommon. And the material under the waterproof membrane is what creates the slope and is therefore called a pre-slope.

The plumbing code also requires that no mechanical fasteners penetrate that waterproofing liner below a point two inches above the curb. Nailing on top of or inside of the curb to attach a CBU is forbidden.

The building code also requires that all product manufacturers' installation instructions be followed. The manufacturer of that waterproof liner also requires that it be properly sloped to the drain and properly attached to a proper type of drain.

The ceramic tile industry standards also call for that pre-slope and while not law, if you go to court those standards will bite you severely in the posterior every time.

I would suggest your contractor tell you specifically how he intends to waterproof your shower receptor and walls. Specific products, specific explanation of how he plans to remove what we see in your photos, install an appropriate drain (if he actually intends to use a direct bonded waterproofing membrane (ANSI A118.10) system, etc, etc. This is a very reasonable request on your part.

There are a number of ways to approach shower waterproofing and any of them can work successfully for decades if properly installed. One thing you [/b]do not want[/b] is for the contractor to try to use more than one of them on the same shower project.

My opinion; worth price charged.

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