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Sammy - I meant to edit my post. I haven’t actually accused the SC of noncompliance. Today I just asked some Qs - conversation was completely relaxed. I know not to ruffle any feathers - definitely not a good idea if I want to get this addressed civilly!

I think I might know one of the people you are referring to - if it is a woman - she was banned before I started reading stuff on Houzz. I’m sure there are others. I’d love to discuss with you. It’s very unfortunate - there are some extremely helpful pros on there (I’m receiving some great advice re: refinishing my wood floors). I just don’t understand why as soon as someone posts a photo questioning some work that’s been completed, people jump in and accuse the OP of being cheap and hiring a hack. This happens before anything’s been disclosed that would lead to that conclusion - and even if someone didn’t spend very much money for a project, that’s no reason to personally attack someone.

I tried to defend someone who was being attacked - and - WOW - the person who was being RUDE decided to focus all his/her attention me instead. Oh well - it helped the OP. Some pros defend their conduct by claiming that they are just being direct and that the OP doesn’t want to hear the truth. I’m sorry but when someone posts a photo asking if people like the OP’s new bar stools, why do people feel free to make nasty remarks about their housekeeping abilities/their “ugly” oak kitchen/ their “hideous” window coverings (the OP had just installed the window coverings about three weeks earlier). I don’t understand it.

Anyway -

I received MANY noncompliance comments. They included specific code references and specification references.

I truly hope that everything is fine with this. I would be extremely relieved. I am just worried now that so many builders/tile company owners/construction pros (only listening to the ones who use actual business names) all told me to basically immediately STOP all work. When I asked a Q about Kerdi - I was kind of “jumped” because I was “choosing to ignore all the advice I was given previously.”

I’m not going to fire someone without knowing all of the facts. As I already said, my actual contractor is great. I trust him. I just wish he was here so I could ask Qs and feel like I was receiving a straight answer.
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