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Welcome, Russ.

Looks like you got missed with your first post. Sorry about that.

We don't know the actual difference between Custom and MAPEI products, either. Both Custom and MAPEI will know, but neither will tell you. Both make some good products, each makes at least one I would not recommend you use.

I would use white thinset mortar for all your applications because I can. No technical reason to use any particular color in any application you've described.

If you'll read the installation instructions for the Noble product (and I recommend you always do that) you'll find they require you use a modified thinset mortar meeting ANSI A118.4 over that product.

The joist span that's important to you is the unsupported span of the joist, not the span of the area to be tiled. That's what you measured at only five feet?

Your new subfloor requirement will depend upon your joist spacing, which we do not know.

Embedding the CBU wallboard in the top mud bed of a traditional shower receptor is a good thing and the only real way you have to anchor the bottom of the wallboard where you cannot use mechanical fasteners.

My opinion; worth price charged.

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