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Not sure how anyone is getting an accurate measurement of deflection??? I don't see joist spacing anywhere.

... with regards to deflection, doesn't matter anyhow. I'm with Ed here. Over that beam you have essentially -0- deflection or L/lots, especially with walls in those positions. Go ahead, give it all the jump testing you want. No additional joists needed IMO, unless the joist spacing is 2' OC... or more.

The potential uplift at the joist end opposite the unsupported span is a real issue. What experienced framers do here is to cut the joists off as close to the beam as possible with their skilsaw, usually 1-1/2" or so away is fine. Make sure the remaining joist overlap is nailed well with 6 or so good 12d's. You can use steel straps between the joists to make the tension connection if needed

Then, proceed with the plywood as you describe.

edit; drawings show 2x10 joists, max span of 10.5', unknown spacing... and 2x8's for proposed sisters. and CX, how did you know his name was Stuart? you clairvoyant?

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