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Given the position over the beam I wouldn't worry at all about the joists. l719 equates to a deflection of a littke less than 3/16 of an inch at midspan on your 10.5 beam.
The actual deflection at 18inches or 2 feet away from that beam is only a few hundreths of an inch.

I'd be more concerned with a hard spot from uplift. Picture a very heavy load (a party with lots of friends,) fully loads the beam so it deflects to maximum at midpoint, and that results in a tiny opposite uplift at the end depending on the splice and how it's supported by the beam. Shouldn't be a big deal at all but to be safe you can just sand, plane or chisel a 1/16 or so off the top of last 3 inches or so of the joists and that will negate any possible uplift problem.

Just do the joist ends, the untouched wood of the opposite joist next to it carries the subfloor in plane. When fastening the subfloor only screw into the untouched joist areas.

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