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good idea.

I have multiple sensors in the house to measure humidity. Upstairs and downstairs are both within a percentage point. I keep it at mid 30's year round with dehumidification, humidification, and A/C. The insulation is 2in of spray foam and blown in bibs inside a 2x6in nominal cavity.

I do not have a sensor in the bathroom though, but just outside of it.

I used to have a 90cfm fan as the main one and ditched it a year ago for the 210cfm. I did not notice THAT much difference though in reducing steam. This shower does not use a shower door though. It is constructed so the water sprays away from the entrance. I have a feeling the fan, being on the ceiling just outside the shower, has a hard time capturing steam as it leaves the shower entrance.

As to the plumbing pipe, I have 3/4in CPVC feeding the bathroom to a thermostatic valve and then a diverter. The valves are rated at 17gpm. My tankless heater can do 8 gpm with a 50 degree delta. My ground water is always 50. I have my own well and keep water pressure between 60 and 80psi.

I do get fairly good flow rates as long as nobody else is using water.
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